Crochet Educationa/Montessori Rainbow Balls and baskets set

-Crochet Educationa/Montessori Rainbow Balls and baskets set

-The Rainbow Nesting pod toy is recommended since the birth of the baby up to 4 years old. This educational toy supports baby's development: Increases fine motor skills, cognitive development of spatial relations and hand-eye coordination.

-The bowls are made using the same material which is cotton yarn.

The benefits of the rainbow sorting toy:
1. Develops children's motor skills
2. Develops space orientation
3. Supports learning concepts like far-close
4. Supports learning concepts like big - small
5. Helps the child learn the basic rainbow colors
6. Helps the child associate colors
7. Children can use it to learn how to count.

- SIZE =Basket-2.5" X 1.5" Big Ball- 1.5" Small ball- 1"

₹ 700
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