Mom U'r a Genius !

Creating life is special by itself , celebrating motherhood is a default. There are well deserved paeans being sung about a mother’s unconditional love and yet I find there’s still so much more to talk and appreciated about !!

While seeking collaborations for my NGO's products, I have recently been speaking to a lot of different businesses owners, specifically of children's product, and it just hit me that i was interacting with more and more women, specifically mothers. Looking into each company's background, It became apparent that becoming a mother had egged on these women. They were inspired creatively and turned their inspirations into thriving, unique enterprises. They had beautifully balanced their motherhood instincts to protect, nurture and grow with sharp market insights and business acumen to launch ‘ a thousand ships or at least businesses.

Every new mother irrespective of their backgrounds gets into another gear of performance. She aspires to get the best possible things available for her child be it in terms of health, education, play, comfort, nutrition or even something as minor as a 'perfect birthday dress' …. And what does she do when ‘her definition best’ is unavailable, she gets right down to it and makes it or turns it into a business

Mompreneurs have given birth to scores of brands across children’s categories like Toys, clothing, food , toiletries, child décor, etc ; all of these inspired by the fundamental premise that their baby deserved better than the best. ‘A need or their standards’ simply not met by the run of the mill in the market.

Each ‘Mom brand’ that has been launched is well researched products based on platforms of sustainability, organic, natural, safe , non toxic , chemical free and also good for mother earth. They make products which are not just good for their babies but also for the environment and society. Their designs are innovative and functional , refined and yet affordable. They promote traditions, culture and handicrafts by being supportive to indigenous crafts and artisans.

And no matter how difficult the times are and how hard the journey , one can also count on mothers to create ! Also a Big Thank You to all those mothers that we work with !

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